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About us

Ding Jian medical science and Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2012,Located in the Ma'anshan provincial economic and Technological Development Zone,  is an innovative company which has built a healthy industry, the whole system of the complete industry chain of the old-age industry, the development and production of healthy products as a complete set, and the integration of R & D, production, trade and sales. After several years of rapid operation and development and construction, Ding Jian medical science and Technology Co., Ltd. has grown into a more influential enterprise in the field of health management, slow disease screening, and the old-age field. The company's key development and promotion of health inspection products, such as the H.B.S.S, has spread all over the country's major hospitals, clubs, pension institutions and has become an indispensable product in the health management, pension and other fields.

As the advocacy and leader of the development of Chinese health medicine, Ding Jian medicine actively responds to the relevant national policies, actively develops a series of health inspection and intervention products, and also focuses on developing a series of business models to change the health management of grass-roots public health and healthy lifestyles, and gain recognition and praise from the industry. Since its establishment, the 4S store, founded by its own company, has been favored by the customers for its new model, excellent results and good profitability, and has shown good prospects for development.

Ding Jian medicine, the rising star in the field of health and endowment in our country is showing vitality with its unique charm and innovative mode. It is making its own contribution for the healthy Chinese strategy and the great rise of the Chinese nation.

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