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How to supplement the protein?

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The method of supplementation of protein:

1. food rich in protein

Animal foods such as lean meat, such as pig, cattle, sheep meat, liver, loin and chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, crab and so on, eggs like eggs, duck eggs and so on; milk, like milk, goat milk and so on; plant food such as beans, like beans, green beans, black beans, bean curd, soya bean milk and so on; Cereals, like rice, noodles, corn and so on; like dried fruit, like dry fruit, like Peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, melon seeds, and so on.

Among them, poultry meat and livestock meat contain more fat, and the degree of absorption of plant protein is low. The best source of protein is fish.

2. vegetarian elderly need extra

Some elderly people over emphasize vegetarian diet, and cause insufficient protein intake will affect their health. Elderly people with poor appetite and poor appetite supplement 10~20 grams of protein a day to supplement their protein intake. But it is not enough to add too much. The product of protein, purine, is the prime cause of gout. For gout elderly, we must strictly limit protein intake.

3. it is not suitable for children to eat protein powder for a long time

Usually every child can get enough protein and other nutrients from a normal diet, two bottles of milk a day, almost half of the required protein, plus a certain amount of fish, meat, eggs or soy products in the diet, to meet the needs of the growth and development of children. Long-term eating protein powder is very bad for the development of children.

4. patients need to supplement the protein

Patients often cause protein absorption difficulties or protein loss, and the process of recovery requires a large amount of protein, so the patient can take some protein powder during the recovery period.

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