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Body Composition Analyser

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Brand Shangben body composition analyzer is the latest generation of body composition analysis system in China devotedly developed by Dingjian Medicine, Beijing Xingfu Wealth Institute of Science and Technology, and the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and so on for over three years. The device adopts the world's most advanced 4-lead 12-segment measurement technology, making the measurement results more reliable, measurement parametersmore comprehensive, and further meet the needs of scientific research, clinical treatment, physical examination, health screening and other aspects. Humanized touch screen design makes the operation more intuitive and convenient. The indexes include human body moisture, intracellular (external) water, body fat, bone mineral content, protein, inorganic salt, etc., and make analysis of such indexes. It can easily and objectively assess the body fluid state, body fat and weight index, nutritional status, basal metabolic rate, bone mineral content status and other health indexes, comprehensively reflect the health of the body, and give reasonable guidance and opinions.

The device is a non-invasive testing equipment, being easy to operate and time-saving. It can be used for weight management, nutrition assessment and guidance, as well as sub-health status assessment and diagnosis; it can assist physicians in conveniently evaluating many clinically relevant parameters; and assist individuals in reasonable weight loss, scientific rehabilitation, and nutritional therapy, etc.

Brand Shangben body composition analyzer is a good helper for your health.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Technology (BIA) is a measurement method that measures the composition of living organisms based on an impedance change signal when a harmless microcurrent is supplied to an organism.

The so-called bioelectrical impedance, refers to the cells, body fluids, etc within an organism. constitute a circuit similar to resistors, inductors and capacitors, which blocks the specific current, and can be simply understood as the resistance of the biological current. When weak high-frequency currents flow through the body, the electrical impedance generated by different components of the body is different; non-fat tissues are rich in electrolytes and have good electrical conductivity, whereas fat tissues have almost no moisture, thus having high electrical impedance. Therefore, by measuring the electrical impedance signal of the organism against the current, the proportion of fat tissue and non-fat tissue in the body can be verified, and therefore the physiological health state of the human body can be understood.

In recent years, obesity and various lifestyle diseases have shown a high tendency, and these diseases are mostly related to excessive accumulation of body fat. With the continuous improvement of the medical level, more and more studies have shown that body weight can not meet the needs of detailed research in human preventive medicine and sports physiology, and it also has considerable limitations for the general people's physical exercise and nutrition guidance. As a more comprehensive and reasonable system, the content and proportion of body compositions have received high attention and popularity in health management, competitive sports, preventive medicine, and sports medicine in recent years.

The high-frequency current applied to the human body by this instrument is 50KHz, 500 microampere, close to the intensity of human body's natural electrovital current (600 microampere), so it is absolutely safe to the human body and does not constitute any side effects. Due to the use of an eight-electrode body-wide segmented measurement method, the human body is divided into five segments, including left, right, upper and lower limbs, and the trunk, for electrical impedance measurements. The human body is no longer assumed to be a uniform cylinder, which avoids the measurement error caused by the difference in individual body conditions, and objectively reflects the body composition distribution of the human body, thus minimizing the dependence on the empirical data of human medical measurement.

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