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I.H.M.S.-Intelligence Health Management System

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Intelligence Health Management System

  The Intelligence Health Management System(I.H.M.S.), the high-tech achievement in military medicine, won national patent and was the world's first and most outstanding device for non-invasive detection of functional medicine. It has sold 100,000 units worldwide since going public, awarded Europe CE certification, America FDA certification and China SFDA certification successively, and has more than 6,000 users in China. The I.H.M.S.has been gradually accepted by the public since it went public in China and has an unshakable position in the field of functional health examination.

  1. Physical examination, check of various body systems, tissue, organs, all-dimensional functional check of body parts, multi-angle stereotactic scanning, early detection of potential risks and lesions.

  2. Functional medical examination: it is based on each patient's unique and distinctive physique, evaluates the functional status of subclinical changes in body organs and "function" of the organ rather than the "pathology" of the organ alone.

  3. Any other current detection technologies can not provide more comprehensive and scientific diagnosis and treatment advice.

  4. Number of examination programs that are not currently listed as a routine examination: human hormones, neurotransmitters, interstitial cell blood gas analysis, lymph, nervous system function effective monitoring and evaluation.

  5. Gives a reasonable guidance to sub-health groups of people with different kinds of diseases, and evaluate their therapy and intervention treatments.

  6. Treatment and interventions: effectively control and alerts of adverse reactions to medication, radiotherapy, biological therapy, gene therapy, chemotherapy.

  The I.H.M.S. adopts the low-voltage direct current stimulation induction technology, which sends an average of 250 low-voltage direct current signals to the human body every three seconds. The signals are transferred into ion flow in the human tissue. Based on the polarization movement of ion flow in the Yin and Yang, resistance, electrical conductivity, ph, voltage, and action potential across the cell membrane through the tissue are got to detect the electrophysiological activity of mesenchymal cells in human organs. Then according to the unidirectional conductance of physiological feedback signal, the real-time current analysis method is taken. The data is analyzed by digital model. The results are displayed in human body 3D reconstructed images, digital parameters and charts. Only with three to five minutes of scanning, it can fully detect the function of all tissues and organs of the human body, make accurate assessment of sub-health and early lesions, predict the potential risk factors and the direction of disease development, and make early warning of disease risk.

  1. early stage:to detect potential hidden trouble in functional pathological stage;

  2. Intelligence: fully automatic scanning, fully intelligent analysis and automatic generation of guidance;

  3. Accuracy: the coincidence rate with other kinds of detection technology is 80 %.

  4. Comprehensiveness: synchronous detection of hundreds of indicators, three hundred and sixty degree whole body 3D imaging;

  5. Quickness: it takes only three to five minutes to test an example;

  6. Noninvasiveness: no intrusion detection, no discomfort to the patient.

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