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The brewing method of the Luo Shen Hua tea?

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Material: 10 grams of dried dried flowers, proper amount of sugar or honey.

1. put the appropriate amount of Roselle in the pot, add water and cook in medium heat, then extinguish after 3 minutes, soak for 5 minutes.

2. after filtering out the tea dregs, pour the tea water into the cup, and then add ice sugar or honey to the tea and drink (the high temperature will destroy the honey's nutrition) to increase the sweetness.

3. if the direct brewing method is adopted, the weight of hot boiled water can only be about 180CC. But cover with a cup for 5-8 minutes, so as to make the roe smell.

4. if you don't like hot tea, you can wait until you have brewed it and put it in the right ice.

5. Luo Shen Hua tea is suitable for drinking after meals, it can help digestion of stomach and intestines, but people with cold stomach and stomach should not drink much.

6. with 60 Kah and 170 grams of hawthorn, 150 grams of hawthorn, 4500 grams of water, braised with a small fire for 30 minutes after the fire is boiled, a good amount of white sugar (according to personal taste) is better, brandy and ice can also be added to drink.

Method two

Raw materials: Luo Shen Hua, water 1500ml, honey.

1. take 1 soup pot, add 1/2 water, add the Roselle flower to low heat and cook slowly.

2. when the water is rolled, the scum is removed.

3. take 1 soup bowls and put them in 2. Add proper amount of honey to stir.

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